Makkah is among one of the holiest places on earth. The greatest pilgrimage for Muslims all around the world requires a visit to Kabatullah for purification from sins. Bakhla Tours & Travels provides the package of Umrah for pilgrims in Mumbai. Umrah and Hajj have to be performed by you as a Muslim at least once in your lifetime. When a person has earned and saved enough, an Umrah or Hajj becomes compulsory on him/her. There are various packages of Umrah available for the same from every part of the world. We, at Bakhla Tours and Travels, provide a variety of Umrah Packages. As you know that we are known for our services in Umrah and Hajj tours in India. A major number of pilgrims fly from India through our travel agency. Therefore, different types of Umrah tour packages have been created for the ease of pilgrims by us.

Due to the unforeseen pandemic, the greatest pilgrimage of the world came to a halt. Muslims all over the world were devastated and regretted not carrying out the journey a year before or so. No international pilgrims were allowed to perform Umrah for two whole years because of Covid-19. The pandemic took two entire years to come within control.

Soon, the world saw a ray of light when vaccines were made. A simple and clear path for the commencement of pilgrimage could be seen. People all over the world started taking their jabs of vaccine with the hope that they could once again perform Umrah with their loved ones. Fully vaccinated Muslims of Saudi Arabia have now been allowed entry into Makkah and carry out Umrah. Fluctuations in Covid-19 cases internationally continued the ban for foreign pilgrims. Umrah Package from Mumbai again came into the limelight as citizens from India are also very anxious to know when the ban on international pilgrims will be lifted.

Only a few credentials are needed for the said registration and a fully vaccinated certificate. The pilgrims then are required to stay outside India and Saudi Arabia for a period of 2 weeks (quarantine) and download the eatmarna and tawakkalna applications and upload the necessary documents as asked. Bakhla Tours and Travels specializes in Hajj Packages as well. Pilgrims’ safety is of utmost importance to us and therefore, it is the prime idea behind the curation of our every Package of Umrah. One must necessarily have a fully vaccinated certificate and then accordingly decide on an Umrah tour depicting their needs. One can also choose between locations from all over India. For instance, Umrah packages from Mumbai are very much popular as Mumbai has an international airport.

This is the time for the Vaccinated pilgrims to carry out Umrah as vaccination is very important for traveling. In a world, where everyone is fighting for a dose of vaccination, a vaccinated individual can take up this opportunity and carry out their long due journey to Makkah and Madinah with their family. With the help of Bakhla Tours & Travels, a person can fulfil its long-awaited journey for Umrah. We, at Bakhla Tours and Travels provide ample Umrah packages for the pilgrims to choose from. If you’re a completely vaccinated person who wishes to perform Umrah, we have got the most affordable package for Umrah.

Bakhla tours and Travels have been undertaking pilgrims from all around and have been providing them excellent services since its inception. We provide a variety of pilgrimage travel packages for pilgrims to choose from. Special Umrah Packages for families and senior pilgrims have been designed after much brainstorming. We make it a point that our senior pilgrims do not face any difficulty while performing the pilgrimage of their life. It is our duty to make sure that there are no unlawful activities attached to any of our pilgrimage tours. We have been easing pilgrims’ lives from every nook with our experienced guides who provide precise information as to what all is needed and how one can perform a peaceful Umrah. Over the years, we have learned from our mistakes and have been perfecting each of our packages for the betterment of people.

How does Bakhla Tours and Travels’ Package of Umrah help the pilgrims?

–        We provide affordable Umrah tour packages as per the need.

–        To make sure our pilgrims do not face any difficulty while performing Umrah, we rationally customize each one of our Packages.

–        We also tend to our senior pilgrims with absolute care and aim to ease up their journey.

–        New Umrah tours with different hotels and services is carved out for you to carry out the journey your their entire family.

–        We make sure an excellent guide is provided with each of our Umrah packages.

–        Each guide attached with the tour is very well versed with the journey and has excellent knowledge as to how to perform the pilgrimage peacefully.

–        Pilgrims from India, enjoy an exclusive Hajj and Umrah package by Bakhla Tours & Travels.

–        One can learn more about our various religious packages from our website.

Things required for carrying out Umrah in the current scenario.

–        Fully Vaccinated certificate.

–        Current/valid Passport.

–        Other credentials as per requirement.

The Pilgrims will have a stay over outside India for 14 days before flying to Jeddah/Madinah airport.



Conclusively, if you or your family’s journey to Makkah has been put on hold for numerous reasons, then now is your time to grab the opportunity for yourself and your close ones. All you need to do is choose from our variety Umrah Package to carry out the pilgrimage in solace. Bakhla Tours & Travels aims to provide pilgrims with the best services. This makes their journey peaceful and a memorable one. The pandemic already took two years from you, let it not delay you any further from your long-awaited pilgrimage.