When Muslims perform Hajj, they are reminded of Allah’s powerful legacy which refreshes a Muslim’s commitment towards Islam and helps them attain pure faith in Allah the Exalted. The fact that the Hajj Package are being going on for thousands of years in human history shows that it is divinely planned. No human being is capable of starting such a movement! Alhamdulillah, we are very happy to see that the COVID-19 norms for the pilgrims are getting lifted by the government, and the Saudi Arabia government has announced the Hajj-2024 stating that this year 55164 aspirants will perform the pilgrimage from India. And so Bakhla Tours has specially released a Cheap Hajj Package Category so that people can afford them.

Why choose Bakhla Tours for your Hajj package? 

The journey of Hajj is something special and of eternal significance for Muslim individuals. To make the most important voyage even more special and comfortable, “Bakhla Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. ” is all here for your travel assistance. Here are some of the important points why you should consider about us:

HAJJ PACKAGE- Cheap Hajj Package / Luxury Hajj Package : 

Bakhla Tours and Travels offers numerous Hajj packages with different facilities and all-inclusive deals. To make the most out of this journey, take your best foot forward by trusting us and booking your packages with us. Be it finding a budget-friendly or luxury stay in the close vicinity of Masjid Al Haram with all the necessary services like food, transportation, ziyarat, etc at reasonable rates, we do it all!

BEST PACKAGE PRICES- Cheap Hajj Package:

We always try our best to offer the most reasonable prices to our clients for the best services available. We make sure that our packages are beyond comparison in the market considering the high standards that we maintain, bringing value to the demand of every single traveller as per his/her budget.


A complete support team is working 24/7 for your comfort. Guidance is provided to each and every client from the beginning i.e the planning process, choosing your package, and your journey, till the time you are back after successfully completing your spiritual journey


we help our clients to choose and design their Hajj package. No compulsory upgrades for any package just choose what you want. All you have to do is make a fine choice between Hajj budget packages and Hajj luxury packages depending upon the budget and number of passengers.  

Travelling for Hajj to Makkah and Madinah from India with the assistance of a Hajj Tour operator will provide you with an optimum level of comfort and a trouble-free experience. Everything from applying for a visa, booking an ideal stay, getting the best of meals, an experienced guide and local transportation will be all in the hands of a reliable Hajj tour operator.

We are in affiliation with thousands of handpicked 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels in both Makkah & Madina, partnered with world-class airlines and allied with top-rated transport service providers. Therefore, you can just let us know your budget and we will guide you through an especially all-inclusive Hajj package with 5-star services, with a luxury or an affordable or an economical Private Hajj Packages 2024 depending upon your budget and we’ll get right to it.