It is a religious journey. It is not like any other tour ordinary tour or vacation. However, this is the journey where you decide to purify yourself from all the sins you’ve done. Certainly can do this by performing Umrah with a clean heart and beg for forgiveness in front of Allah. As we all know Umrah is a non-mandatory act of worship. Bakhla Tours & Travels make and carve out the best possible Umrah Tour Package for pilgrims all across India.



  1. Select a genuine travel agency from the Hajj & Umrah industry.
  2. However there are many different Umrah packages to choose from.
  3. Choose the one with the best possible facilities.
  4. Firstly double check the hotels & flights.
  5.  Secondly double check the visa.
  6. Inclusions & Exclusions of the Umrah package.
  7. Distance & stars of the hotels from the Masjid Al Haram.
  8. Food is included or not. In addition if yes then which cuisine?
  9. Does the package includes all Ziyarats of Makkah & Madinah ?
  10. Duration of the nights in Makkah & Madinah.


While you are planning for Umrah you should make up your mind of changing your lifestyle as well. Going on Umrah isn’t just about performing Umrah once and exploring the cities for shopping. Moreover it is about praying 5 times in Masjid Al Haram whether in Makkah or Madinah. You are going there for not only to perform Umrah but, also help people in need over there or anywhere in the world. This self purification journey of yours should change your mind set towards humanity. Seeing these religious places should improve your faith in Allah and Rasool Allah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam)  and improve your Imaan.



In conclusion when buying an Umrah package the above stated points should be kept in mind. Performing an Umrah will change your life In sha Allah. Bakhla Tours & Travels is a well known travel agency of Hajj & Umrah. Which provides all types of Hajj Umrah Packages from all across India. You can Whatsapp Us OR Contact Us On +919920820751.