Introduction of Best Hajj and Umrah Tour Package

A Hajj Tour Package is a complete package of tour for the self-purification journey of Hajj. Pilgrims cannot perform Hajj during any time of the year. This religious journey can be performed only once a year in the month of Zilhajj. Muslims from all around the world goes to Makkah and Madinah in the country of Saudi Arabia to perform the religious journey of Hajj.

Best Hajj and Umrah Tour Packages 2024 – Important Points 

  1. Hajj Tour Package is a complete package of Hajj Tour which is organized by private tour operators. Hajj Tour Package is also organized by the government of the every country by Hajj Committee.
  2. Hajj Committee packages are very cheap compared to any private tour operators package. There are many travel agencies that have different types of Hajj Tour Packages.
  3. The pilgrims are requested to make payments to any tour operator or agents via cheque or deposit in banks as there are many frauds in the Hajj and Umrah market today.
  4. As this religious journey of Hajj can be performed only once a year the cost aren’t same as compared to Umrah. Bakhla Torus & Travels is a leading company in the Hajj Umrah industry which has all types of Hajj Tour Packages like for example Luxury Short Hajj Tour Package and on the other hand economy Hajj committee category of Hajj Tour Package.
  5. Different packages include different facilities. Private travel agencies or companies includes better facilities like better Mouallim, Good hotels, Nice Indian cuisines food compared to the packages which are provided by the government.
  6. All Muslims should perform hajj in their life at least once. Any pilgrim who wishes to perform hajj there are some conditions like the pilgrims should be capable of bearing the expenses which is needed during the journey and there are some more conditions.
  7. Hajj Tour Package is necessary as people cannot travel to Hajj without Hajj visa. The registered Hajj Travel companies are given a specific amount of quota for taking the pilgrims on the religious journey of Hajj.


  1. Clothes: Carry proper clothing for yourself when you plan the religious journey of Hajj. I would suggest you to also have 2 extra pairs of Ahram especially for men, as it might get dirty during the 5 days of Hajj. Women should carry Abayas, Burkhas and Hijab for obvious reasons. Carry limited and useful clothes so that if you want to buy some gifts as hadiya for family you will have enough free space for luggage.
  2. Medication / First Aid: Medicines and first aid are of utmost important for pilgrims during this journey of Hajj. People who might be suffering from illness like diabetes, blood pressure or any heart diseases they must strictly carry their doses in stock as per the journey. The reason why medication needs to be carried in stock is because there during the journey you might not find the identical medicines. Different countries have different medicines from different companies and this change in medicines might not suit everyone.
  3. Shoes: During this journey shoes also plays a very important role. Comfortable footwear is very important as the pilgrim should have to walk round about 20 kilometers in the whole 5 days of Hajj. You should carry at least 2 pairs of slippers for yourself in case if the 1st one gets misplaced.
  4. Purse/ Bag/ Pouch: I personally suggest having a man purse or a cross body bag to keep all the necessary stuff like mask, sanitizers, plain tissues, mobile, water bottle etc. You can also carry a bag pack if you have more people with you like family members kids etc.
  5. Sunglasses and other Personal care stuffs: Personal care goods like scissor, comb, a scent free soap, a napkin or a face wash if necessary. Sunglasses are necessary because you will be in Saudi Arabia where the temperature crosses 42 degrees Celsius in summer. You can also got Bindawood to take the needful things temporarily. There is almost everything available in Bindawood.


To sum up I would like to say that all the pilgrims who are planning to prepare or to plan for Hajj do follow the above given instructions and tip. Bakhla Tours & Travels crafts out the best possible Hajj Tour Package from Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and all cities across India. There are many travel agencies in the Hajj Umrah industry but at Bakhla Tours you will get the best packages with the best services. Choose your travel agent wisely as this agent will provide you with services throughout your stay.