Beware of scams in the Hajj & Umrah Industry.

In today’s world people are using the Hajj & Umrah pilgrimage tours business as a tool for their financial needs especially in Mumbai, WHICH IS NOT ONLY ACCOUNTABLE IN THIS WORLD BUT IN THE AFTERLIFE AS WELL!!

Points to remember to keep away from the Scam companies :

1. Book a package with a registered travel company :

All the pilgrims ( Hajis ) are requested to please keep in mind and book their package with a Travel Agency that is registered and has the license to organize and conduct the pilgrimage tours. Registered companies do not cheat their customers as they have a fear of losing their Hajj & Umrah license from both the government India & Saudi Arabia, Hence registered companies will keep the passenger at a great advantage.

2. Never pay the whole booking amount 1 or 2 years before travel :

This is a fraud scheme for which almost 70 % of the pilgrims/hajis/passengers fall for. In order to go for Umrah & Hajj at a cheaper price than the market value price of the package the passengers pay the whole booking amount and get a future travel date like may be 1 or 2  years later. This is the most common trick played by the newbies in the market to make their reputation good as a tour operator.

The company which takes the whole booking amount this early might be having second plans on investing the people’s money or wanting to use it for their personal needs. Investments of their money has no guarantee Hence Your Money Is Not In Safe Hands ! Stay safe & Stay away from fraud companies like this.

3. Ask for the breakup of the package price :

You as a person travelling to the foreign country whether to Saudi Arabia for Umrah or Hajj or any corner of the world should have the knowledge of asking the travel agent to ask for the break up of the package price like for example per night hotel stay price, air-ticket cost, transfers charges and etc. Asking the breakup of the package price gives you an idea of the cost price of the package you get an answer to a question like ‘Is this travel agent working under the cost and will he deprive me of some services which I deserve rightfully?’.

4. Do research on the company’s reputation :

A company having a good reputation has more likely less chances to cheat their customers. Visit the travel agency’s physical location at least twice before booking  package from them. Asking your friends and family for some recommendations wouldn’t harm you much. Search them online visit their website. Have a look on to the genuine google reviews of the company it will help you get feedback of customers who had already travelled with the travel company before.

5. Always try paying the amount in cheque :

Requesting all the passengers of Hajj and Umrah to try and pay the package amount in cheque even though GST is charged as if in case of any issue you will have an evidence of  the transaction. If not paying with cheque or an RTGS or NEFT try and ask for a receipt of cash payment made to the office against the package price of the package.

Conclusion :

The objective of this blog is to make people aware from the scams happening in the Hajj & Umrah travel industry today especially in Mumbai pilgrims are being tricked, fooled and used by the travel agents by giving them mouth watering prices and making them falling in the trap. Umrah scams are increasing day by day and to be safe from these scams I request people who are reading this to share it as much as possible to make people aware

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