Introduction To Hajj Package

Hajj is a mandatory pilgrimage journey for all Muslims. A Muslim should perform Hajj only when he/she is financially capable and mentally stable. Hajj is farz for all Muslims. You can pln many things while planing for a the journey of hajj. There are many travel agencies to choose from. Bakhla Tours and Travels has been providing the Best Hajj Package from India. We at Bakhla tours & Travels carve out the best hajj and umrah packages from Mumbai. We have our agents all over India. To clarify, wherever you may be or in whichever city or village we have to go you are covered. Bakhla Tours will provide you packages of Hajj from the nearest city which has an international airport. We carve out the best hajj package from Mumbai.

Tips to select the Best Hajj Package

  1. The Hajj and Umrah travel agency should be well known offline and online. If the travel agency has a good online reputation then you can say that it has a good reputation as maintaining an online reputation isn’t easy.
  2. Comparing of the Hajj packages should be your first priority. Mostly it happens that pilgrims don’t compare the packages of Hajj with other travel companies. It is of utmost importance to compare the hajj packages as different hajj packages has different facilities and prices. The price of Hajj Packages differs as per the facilities provided by the travel agent. For instance a package with 5 star hotels will have a higher budget. Compared to the package which contains a 3 star hotels. For Umrah Packages from Mumbai 2023 Contact Bakhla Tours & Travels.
  3. Online review plays a very crucial role while choosing from a variety of other travel agencies. Going through google reviews of a company will give you an idea of the type of services which the company provides to its customers. The reviews which you read are mainly given by customers who have already purchased a service or a product from the travel company.
  4. The travel company that has experience should be your first concern. Certainly, travel agencies who are in business and have ample experience can guide the newcomers extremely well throughout the journey of Hajj. Experience is the key the more experienced is the tour operator the easier will be the Hajj tour package for the pilgrims.
  5. The hajj and umrah tour organizer should be well-recognized. Travel agency should be registered in the government associations and organizations like for instance IATA, AIHOUTA, and other well-fare societies. This reflects the positive image of the travel company.
  6. Visiting the physical location of the Hajj and Umrah Company will give you a very good idea about the travel agency’s offline reputation. Arrange a meeting with the Sales team or the tour owner itself so that you can understand the package and its policies clearly.
  7. Make all the payments in cheque whether you are paying to the agent or direct to the company. Cheque payments will be legal proof for you and for the court if there is any type of misconception or scam involved.


To sum up, I would like to say that you should also ask for advice from your relatives and cousins. They had been for Hajj and Umrah before. You should check other packages. You should compare each and everything of the package. Like for instance the price, the hotels, flights and much more. Bakhla Tours & Travels provides the Best Hajj Packages from India.