Ramadan Umrah is a pilgrimage every Muslim desires to go again and again to worship the Almighty Allah. Many cannot afford to go for Hajj and so they opt for Umrah during this auspicious month. A chance to wash off all your sins and start with a clean slate along with strengthening and refreshing your Imaan in the Almighty, the Most Merciful. A hadees rightly stated by Abdullāh ibn ‘Abbās (R.A) reported that the Prophet Mohammed (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “‘Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj – or Hajj with me.” What could be more beautiful than the sawaab of a Hajj with the beloved Prophet Mohammed himself?

As much as we all want to visit the holy land, there are a few concerns when we leave for Hajj or Umrah esp in the high season time. The large gatherings of people raise numerous health concerns for the pilgrims. Below have mentioned a few ways you can help yourself by taking these precautions besides looking for Umrah tour packages for a stress-free and safe Ramadan Umrah package.


  1. The pilgrims who are chronically ill, in the early or last months of pregnancy, people suffering from a terminal illness, must not undertake this pilgrimage to reduce their stress. 
  2. Always carry a first aid box for emergencies along with antiseptic cream and liquid, basic anti-biotics, band-aids, cotton, cotton gauze and healing creams or any other medication which you might feel necessary.
  3. Enerzal or glucon-d powder in case of dehydration or tiredness due to fast. The climate of Mecca is too hot for many pilgrims travelling from countries with mild temperatures, which can easily cause discomfort and dehydration in the Haram Shareef esp during Tawaf or Saiee during the night too. Tawaf and Sa’i are the two rituals of Umrah which requires constant walking and hence causes a person to feel parched after fasting. So, the pilgrims must carry a water bottle with glucose or any other liquid they are comfortable with preventing any illness. 
  4. Eat healthy, hygienic and only as much food as required. Manage your diet during Ramadan Umrah. Umrah is tiring esp in the holy month as we are fasting along with fulfilling our other religious rights. We eat a lot during iftar and afterwards in sehree too and then who can ignore the tasty shawarma, Al-baik chicken, gravies in Pakistani restaurants or other tasty treats that we see while on the way to the hotel, or the food the tour operator offers. Be careful not to eat too much junk or overeat too. They might make you fall ill and spoil your pilgrimage.
  5. Every pilgrim must visit a nearby health centre before their Umrah trip for getting vaccinated for meningitis, pneumococcal, and seasonal influenza along with their covid vaccine. The pilgrims have to present their receipts for yellow fever, polio, and Zika virus vaccination to the authorities.

Tips for Ramadan Umrah: 

  1. People wanting to go for Hajj and Umrah are attractive targets. Be aware of fraud tour operators who run away with their money, abandon pilgrims leaving them with unpaid bills, and hoteliers who demand the payment of exorbitant “hidden charges” for the return of passports. Only deal with licensed and established tour operators who will not give you a chance to repent later. Look for the tour operators’ credibility
  2. Though there is strict punishment for Pick-pocketing and other forms of theft, they are prevalent in Makkah and Madina shareef too, particularly in the regions of the Grand Mosques. Stay with your travel agency group at all times, and do not leave passports or valuables unattended.


You sure are very lucky to get the opportunity to visit Haram Shareef during this auspicious month to open your fast but keep in mind, you will only be able to fulfil all your religious rights and have a hearty experience if you are Healthy. So make sure your health is your priority when you are on your Religious Pilgrimage.

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