It is the heart’s desire of every Muslim to be blessed with an opportunity to visit the Kabatullah Shareef with their family and their near and dear ones. One of the greatest acts of ibadah among Muslims is “Umrah”. Millions of Muslims from India visit The holy Kaaba. Multiple Best Umrah Tour Packages Service Provider in India are easily available and so Umrah can be performed anytime; any month during the whole year.

Islam does not lay any restriction on the number of Umrah performed by a person in his/ her life. Umrah is a journey and a chance to gain closeness to Allah and to Cleanse our souls from our past sins and start a few. But those going for Umrah tour packages should only make those intentions which they can practice later on and which they really intend to act upon.

For those planning for Umrah tour packages from India this year below we have mentioned intentions which a person can make while going for the pilgrimage.

  1. I will perform Umrah/ Hajj Solely to attain the pleasures of Allah Azzawajal.

(Sincerity is a condition for Umrah to be accepted. In order to attend sincerity it is essential to avoid Ostentation and fame. The Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has stated, an Era will come upon people when the Rich people of my ummah will perform Hajj for sightseeing, the Middle class for trading, the Quari ( they are those who are experts in an eloquent recitation of the Holy Quran ) for showing off their recitation of the Holy Quran to others and Beggars for begging.) [Tarikh Baghdad, vol. 10, pp. 295)

  1. I will act upon this verse:


And complete the Hajj or the Umrah for the sake of Allah the Almighty only!

[Kanz-ul-iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 2, Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 196)

  1. I will perform Hajj/ Umrah following the example of a beloved and blessed prophet Mohammed Sallallahu Ta’ala Alaihi Wasallam. (Even though you book an Umrah tour Package from India or elsewhere with all amenities don’t forget this is a pilgrimage and not a  vacation trip. So one has to abide by all rules, disciplines, sunnah and stay down to earth)
  1. I would avoid asking for a discount while purchasing things for the Hajj/ Umrah pilgrimage. (Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Rahman has stated, ” It is better as well as a sunnah to argue for a discount while purchasing things except the ones purchased for Hajj/ Umrah pilgrimage. It is better to pay what the seller demands while making purchases for The Pilgrimage.)
  1. I will protect my tongue and Eyes from unlawful things.

(Stated on pages 29 and 30 of the book ‘Nasihataun ke Madani Phool’. Allah the Almighty has said, “O son of Adam! Your Deen (i.e religion) cannot be perfect unless your tongue is straight and your tongue cannot be is straight unless you have shyness from your Rab”. Another Hadees States: “The one who lowers his eyes from the things declared Haram by me (i.e. the one who avoids doing Zina from the eyes or seeing things which are not permissible) I will bless them with shelter From Hell.”

  1. The Arabs are orthodox up to quite an extent, so make an intention, I will treat all the orthodox Arab Muslims politely, (on page 1060 of Bahar E Shariat, volume 1) it is stated, “treat all Arabs including the Bedouins with extreme politeness, even if they behave harshly, endure with patience”. Our loved and blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has promised to Intercede for the one displaying patients in response to the Harshness of the Arabs. Do not criticize the acts of the dwellers of Mecca and Madina and those of any other Arab. (Do not even think ill of them in your heart as this is beneficial for the Afterlife)
  1. I will earn rewards by inviting fellow Muslims towards righteousness and also act upon the Sunnahs of journey conforming to its ruling and manners this year during my Umrah tour packages.
  1. I will talk politely to everyone while on my journey of Hajj/ Umrah and serve my fellow poor Muslim brothers and sisters with meals as much as I can afford. The beloved Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said, “Paradise is the award for Hajj Mabroor”. He was once asked, “Ya Rasool Allah Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what makes a Hajj Mabroor?” He Sallallahu Tala Alaihi Wasallam replied, “Polite talking and serving meals to others.” (Shuab-ul-Iman, vol.3, pp479, Hadis 4119)
  1. I will attain closeness to the Kaba and its creator, Allah the Greatest and gain blessings from it. (While clinging on to the Multazim out of love and devotion. Do this with the hope that every such part of your body that is touching the blessed Kabah will be freed From Hell Insha Allah.)
  1. I will implore Allah the most forgiving, for his forgiveness and protection like the one who implodes feeling guilty of his crimes and confronting with extreme humility and continues to do so with a promise to refrain from them in future. ( Make the intention while clinging on to the Blessed Kaaba but be careful since people apply fragrances onto the cover of the Blessed Kaaba therefore take care in the state of Ihram. )
  1. I will be staying and making dua at these places whenever possible. The beloved and the blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Tala Alaihi Wasallam particularly stayed at 6 places for dua i.e Safa, Marwah, Multazim, Makam e Ibrahim, Mustajab etc during your Umrah tour packages with the intention of following the examples of the Beloved and Blessed Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Tala Alaihi Wasallam. 
  1. I will humbly attend the court of the Prophet of Rahmah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, the intercessor of the Umma acting upon the Commandments of Allah, The Almighty. “And if when they do injustice to their souls, then O Beloved! They should come to you and then beg Allah,  the Almighty for forgiveness and the Prophet should intercede for them, then surely they will find Allah, the Almighty the one who accepts repentance the most, the Merciful. [Kanzul Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part 5 Surah An-Nisa, verse 64)
  1. I will respect each and everything of Madina comma even its doors and walls fruits and leaves flowers and Thorns and stones and dust for it is to the Beloved City of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Tala Alaihi Wasallam

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Umrah tour packages

Umrah also known as a small hajj is an important part of a Muslim’s life too. Hajj cannot be afforded by all every year but a Muslim who has just enough saved every year can go for an Umrah. Though it may be once in a year or multiple times there is no restriction on the number of Umrah’s a person can perform. The Covid times have been very testing and with it, Muslims have been growing desperate to visit the Holy Kaaba but have been unable to visit the Holy land or touch the Holy Kaaba due to the Covid restrictions.

As per the announcement made by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah a new Umrah season has started on 3rd August 2022 and with the ease of Covid related restrictions within the kingdom it is significant to note here the barriers around the Holy Kaaba have been removed for the first time in the last 2 years which has been very pleasant news for the ones waiting to touch the Kabatullah and pour their hearts out. With the removal of the barriers, there is a new hope among the Muslims that encourages them all the more to visit the holy land and so there has been a surge in the bookings of Umrah tour packages. Surely everyone knows about the Covid rules which need to be followed by one and all but below is a list of guidelines and tips according to our Shariyat for our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters who wish to book Umrah tour packages this year.

Guidelines and Tips according to Shariyat for Umrah Tour Packages :

  1. Meet the expenses of your Umrah tour package with Halal earnings. Otherwise, there is no hope for Umrah being accepted. For this purpose, we have multiple Umrah tour packages so that you can choose one easily that fits your Halal budget. (If someone has a doubt about his earnings being Halal he should borrow money from someone else and meet his expenses from the moral money and pay back the depth by his own earnings. It is stated in hadees when the person who leaves for Hajj with haram earnings utters Labbaik,  a voice from Gayab replies, “Neither your Labbaik is accepted nor is your effort acknowledged and your Hajj is thrown on to your face unless you return the haram earnings that are in your positions to the deserving people. (Fatawa Razawiyyah, vol.23, pp. 541)
  1. Since Umrah is not a Fard prayer, consent from your parents is necessary. In the case of a woman, the wife should get her husband’s consent to travel with her other Mehrams. The debtor who is unable to pay debt should take permission from the creditor. (However, there are general misconceptions that a person cannot perform Hajj unless their parents have performed it. It is obligatory for each and every Muslim to complete their obligatory Hajj.)
  1. At the time of departure for your Umrah tour seek forgiveness from your family members relatives and friends regarding their rights you have violated. Ask them to make dua for you, the prayer made by others for a person is more likely to be answered. One attains blessings when others pray for him.

A hadith: Prophet Musa was told, “O Musa! Make Dua to me with the tongue with which you have not committed any sin. Prophet Musa Alaihis Salam said, “Almighty where should I bring such a tongue from?” (note that this is the humbleness of Prophet Musa Alaihis Salam because every prophet is absolutely secured from committing any sin) Allah Azzawajal said, “Make others pray for you as you have not committed any sin with their tongue (derived from Masnavi Maulana Rum, Daftar Sawm, page 31)

  1. To please Allah the Almighty on your pilgrimage, take extra provisions and earn rewards by spending them on your companions and the ones who deserve them as “Fi-sabi-lillah”. Umrah should contain righteousness and goodness and be free from sins and show off. The things that make an acceptable Umrah include doing people favour, serving them with meals, talking to people softly, saying Salaam to them, treating people politely etc basically following “Husn-e-ikhlaq” which Allah likes! Therefore one should take extra provisions so that he could assist companions and give Charity to the poor, since the word Mabroor is derived from the word ” Bir” which means rightness and favour by which one attains closeness to Allah The Almighty.  (Kitab-ul-Hajj, pg. 98)
  1. During the journey remain busy remembering Allah Subhanahu and reciting Salat-Alan-Nabi. (An Angel accompanies the one who does so, whereas Shaitan accompanies the one who listens to songs or indulges in useless gossip.)
  1. Make sure to Remember everyone in your Dua’s, i.e. all of the umma while travelling, for the Dua made by a Traveller is accepted. (It is also stated on page 220 of the book Blessings of Dua that the Dua made by a Muslim for his fellow Muslim in his absence is accepted. It is stated in hadees, the Dua made for a Muslim in his absence is accepted very quickly. Angels say, “The Dua which you have made for him will be accepted and you will also get a similar favour.”)
  1. If you face difficulty, show patients during your Hajj or Umrah tour package. ( i.e If a Haji suffers a loss or gets into trouble as regards health or body, he should show patience as it is a sign of Hajj mabroor)
  1. Behave in a polite manner with others and serve your companions, avoiding anger and useless talk. If people say hurtful things tolerate them for your Rab
  1. Be careful not to cause trouble to people in crowded places. If anyone causes trouble, have patience and forgive them. It is stated in Hadees that if a person holds back his anger, Allah the most forgiving will prevent torment from being inflicted on him on the day of judgement Insha Allah. (Shu’ab ul Iman, Vol, 6, pp 315, Hadis 8311)
  1. While entering the blessed Masjid Al haram and Masjid-un-Nabawi, place your right foot first in the Masjid and recite the Dua of entering the Masjid. Similarly while exiting the Masjid place your left foot out first and recite the dua for exiting the Masjid.
  1. During Ramadan, a large number of brothers and sisters go for Umrah tour. Remember that eating something including Sahar and Iftar and sleeping are all impermissible in masjid but if you make the intention of Itikaf these acts will become permissible. And an added bonus entering the blessed Masjid making the intention of nafl Itikaf, earning extra rewards.
  1. As soon as you have the first glance at the Holy Kaaba, recite Salat-Alan-Nabi and make Dua for all. The duas of this time are accepted and loved by Allah, The Almighty
  1. During tawaf make Dua for forgiveness for yourself and for the entire Umma at Mustajab (where 70000 angels are present to say Ameen to Dua)
  1. Whenever you drink Zamzam water, drink it to your full stomach. Start by sucking in three steps having recited Bismillah while standing and facing the Kaaba with the intention of acting upon the sunnah of Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and then make Dua as it is an occasion of acceptance of Dua. (The holy Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has stated that the difference between us and the hypocrites is that they do not drink ZamZam to their full stomach. (Ibn Majah, Vol. 3, pp. 489, Hadees 3061)
  1. During Tawaf and Sai avoid pushing and shoving people. To deliberately shove someone causing comfort to them is a violation of their rights and a sin, the one who has done so will have to repent for it and seek forgiveness from the one he has caused this discomfort to. Islamic scholars have stated, to give up even the smallest of deeds disliked by Allah is dearer to him than to perform 500 nafl Hajj. (Jami’ul Ulum wal Hukum li lbn Rajab, pp. 125)
  1. Repent from your sins and keep the company of the rightest one. One should give up his sins that he is used to committing as far as possible, stay away from wicked friends, form friendships with righteous people, give up the gatherings of useless activities and headless conversations and attend the gatherings of the righteous. Keep the company of Islamic scholars and saints and request them to make dua for your forgiveness without accountability. (After one has seen the Kaaba one should lose interest in the world and focus on the preparations of the Afterlife and should now remain busy making preparations to meet Allah.) ( Ihya-ul-ulum, vol. 1, pp. 349, 354 )
  1. Ask your Umrah tour package organizer to help you with the visits to the holy places in Mecca and Madina and explore the sites with the intention of gaining a reward considering it a privilege.
  1. Before entering the Blessed Court of the Holy Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam make sure to do the following: Take ghusl, Where new white clothes, New head cloth or cap and/ or turban, Apply Sharma into your eyes, Fragrance to your clothes. Attend the court of the Beloved Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam like an escaped slave who trembles and sheds tears when returning to the court of his master. Bow down and say As Alukash shafa ati ya Rasool Allah and fidaka abi wa ummi ya Rasool Allah Sallallahu Tala Alaihi Wasallam and then read your Salat-Alan-Nabi in abundance.
  1. During your stay in Madina Tul Munawara whenever you pass by the Grand Green Dome of the Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Tala Alaihi Wasallam immediately turn towards it and recite Salat-Alan-Nabi whilst standing with your hands folded out of respect.

Parable: In Madina Tul Munawara a person came to say you do now Abu Hazim that he saw the holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Tala Alaihi Wasallam in his dreams. The Beloved and blessed Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, ” Tell it to Abu Kazim! You passed by me even without stopping to say Salaam to me.” Since then whenever Sayyiduna Abu Kazim passed by the blessed Tomb he would present Salaam whilst standing with respect. ( Al- Manamat ma Mawsu’ah ibn Abid Dunya, vol. 3, pp 153, Hadees 323)

Our last tip: When departing from Madina Sharif visit the blessed Court of the Holy Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Tala Alaihi Wasallam, plead tearfully for revisits to Madina again and again with a full heart and wishful Eyes. Have a safe and memorable journey and don’t forget to make dua for everyone do visit our website for multiple Umrah tour package options with all the amenities.