Why Choose Bakhla Tours & Travels ?

We at Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai  are serving pilgrims for the past three decades (35 years) with the help of the Founder of our company Mr. Rashid Ahmed Ali Mohammed Bakhla, Who established this company in 1989. Read Our page Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Why Choose Us to know more.

Overall these years of service to our pilgrims we have achieved the trust from pilgrims all across the globe and gave them services that helped them in self-purification journeys (Hajj Umrah Ziyarat). Our Team support in India and in Saudi Arabia helps our pilgrims to be hassle-free in this sacred journey.

Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. believes in providing the best services to its pilgrims in every way possible according to the package they select, whether it be providing luxurious hotels, transportation, food & etc in the holy cities.

We are officially recognized by the governments of both the countries (India & Saudi Arabia) in providing services to the pilgrims.

1. Experience Counts A Lot

With 35 years of experience of work in the Travel Industry of Hajj, Umrah & Ziyarat we are continuously proving ourselves on every platform which is needed in the religious journeys like Hajj, Umrah & Ziyarat. Certainly by experience we mean 30 years of constructing Hajj & Umrah Packages for all types of budgets and clients, providing them services like in Hajj we need to have contracts with Mouallim who has their tents in Mina and Arafat. Just legal contracts isn’t enough. However, having a good relationship with the local people is also very important as well as social contacts. The above-mentioned list of things are very much useful to you in any situation.

On the other hand same way it goes in Umrah Tours. We are having a well-experienced team of staff to handle you & other pilgrims. Most importantly sending a well-organized educated group leader is also very important. In other words there are many people who haven’t traveled abroad or never sat in a plane. To clarify this makes it difficult for them to go for a pilgrimage journey in an International country. Most importantly an educated group leader from the Travel Agent can “GUIDE” the people throughout the Tour of Umrah. If they have any questions or difficulties they can ask the group leader.

2. Accommodations

  • Accommodations in Umrah :
    Accomodations in any journey or trip is very important and it is especially important in the pilgrimage journey of Umrah. Accommodations in Umrah tour differ from package to package. For instance, you have chosen to customize your own Umrah package on your own dates. You have also chosen your own comfortable hotel. Our staff will help you book flights at the cheapest rates and book 4-5 star hotels. On the other hand, Umrah group tours is a full package we have got for you. It includes everything from flights to accommodations and 3 meals per day. Hence it will depend totally on what type of package you choose our sales team will be at your service.
  • Accommodations in Hajj :
    Accommodations in the journey of Hajj Packages are very different from the accommodations in the Umrah tour, as the Hajj package and the rituals of Hajj cannot be done the whole year. You can only perform hajj in the holy month of Zulhijjah. There are many Tour operators and Travel Agencies all across India who will offer different packages at different prices why to choose Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Because we are extremely transparent with the customers we provide the best services to our clients that is why we are having agents all across India. Being a brand we at  Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. maintain our reputation by giving services that we commit. Hajj accommodations include Shifting and Non-Shifting packages. It includes different durations of stay near Masjid Al Haram (Makkah). Before the 5 days of Hajj pilgrims stay in Aziziya or any other area in the city of Makkah. This happens in the Shifting package. In the Non-shifting package, the pilgrims directly arrive 2 days before the Hajj period. Coming to conclusion there are many different packages and different quality of hotels that Travel Agents offer. Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. offers the best packages of Hajj Shifting and Non-Shifting click here for package information and price and other details.
  • Accommodations in Ziyarat (Baghdad Packages) :
    Ziyarat package accommodations also depend upon the package you are selecting. Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. provides a variety of accommodations in the Ziyarat packages. Baghdad shareef tours include staying in hotels of different categories like 3 stars 4 stars and 5 stars hotels. On the other hand we also offer packages that have accommodations in the  ‘ Sehen ‘ area of the Baghdad shareef ziyarat. It is ultimately the choice of the customer that, in which package he/she wants to go in. On the other hand there are also hotels which have bus services but are 5 star hotels in Baghdad shareef.

3. Certified Travel Agency

We are a certified travel agency ( tour operator ) in providing packages for Hajj, Umrah, and Ziyarat ( Baghdad ) by both the countries India and Saudi Arabia.

  • IATA ( The International Air Transport Association ): Is a trade association for the world’s airlines. IATA represents above 250 airlines globally which means above 75 % of the air traffic.
  • AIHUTOA ( ALL INDIA HAJJ UMRAH TRADE ORGANISERS ASSOCIATION ): It is an association that was developed for the benefit for the Indian pilgrims (hajis) who wanted to perform hajj without any help, aid or subsidy. The PTO’s ( PRIVATE TOUR OPERATORS ) were members of it to assist the hajis with short trips, quick facilities, better lodging, and boarding facilities during the entire pilgrimage journey including in Mina & Arafat. AIHUTOA  was established in 1997.
  • REGISTERED WITH MINISTRY OF MINORITY AFFAIRS: Ministry Of Minority Affairs was established in 2006 on 29th January to have a more focused view towards the issues related to the minority community like Muslims etc.

4. Commitment

Commitment and fulfilling that commitment is the main objective of our Travel Agency at Bakhla Tours &  Travels Pvt. Ltd. Our travel agency gained trust of thousands of pilgrims. Most importantly we provide what we have committed to them at the time of selling our package. We give what we commit and fulfilling the commitment is one of our Travel Agency’s motives. Our staff at Bakhla Tour try our best to satisfy our customers. Above all guiding the pilgrim (traveler)  throughout the tour is our duty and we do our duty by our heart. During this purification journey of Hajj & Umrah, it is very important for the traveler (i.e haji, pilgrim) to have the best pre-planned tour (package) as pre-planned tours during this journey is very important as there millions of people traveling for hajj & umrah from all across the world. Meanwhile, here at Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, we provide the customer with a full commitment of smooth journey with services we can provide in the selected packages by our customers.

5. Indian Cuisine

Food will be a form of service given to you & other pilgrims. Indian Cuisine food is included for you & other pilgrims in Hajj & Umrah. In umrah packages if the customer selects the tailor made packages option he/she might not get an option in the umrah season  but it is mostly included in the Umrah packages tour or Umrah group tour. However food is one of the unique selling points of Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. as we provide the best Indian cuisine food in Makkah & Madina with our professionally trained team of chefs. Our team of chefs are the ones who solves the problem of having served tasty home-like Indian cuisine food during our journey of Hajj & Umrah.

6. Agent Friendly

An Agent plays a very important role in the journey of a traveller. He has control over the respect of the Travel Agency’s reputation. We at Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai presents an opportunity from agents all across the globe to help the pilgrims (hajis) in any way possible whether is be by providing a service, helping in purchasing tickets on customized dates, make a pre – paid booking of  a 5 star luxurious hotel in the holy cities of  Makkah  and Madinah, Catering service in both the holy cities transportation and much more . We are very particular about the agents that represent us in whichever part of the world it may be. The agents who are working with us get their own perks in different forms like credit facilities, special offers etc. Being a part of Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. we will provide an agent the trust and the commitment for the packages they choose to sell to the customers  with proper services. Above all Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Why Choose Us page explains all the positive points for the pilgrims who are plaining to go for Hajj & Umrah.

7. Airlines

Any Tour or Travel Agency should have proper relations and proper direct contacts with different airline companies. Most importantly it helps in the ticketing department of the travel agency. Having proper contacts will have directly to our customers in purchasing cheap and best suitable class of air tickets. We at Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai have almost contacts with every airline as we deal in purchasing and selling of packages of Hajj & Umrah in huge numbers. The air tickets prices fluctuate with the dates. However purchasing tickets beforehand is a great option. In short airlines is one of the reasons to Choose Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.

8. Team Work

Teamwork is an essential tool in the tourism industry , especially in the pilgrimage tours industry a reputed company will have a huge team in both the countries India & Saudi Arabia. Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai has their own personal team members in Mumbai office and as well as in the holy cities like Makkah & Madinah  of Saudi Arabia .

Our team officially helps our passengers as a local guide. If they forget their way back to the hotel from Haram shareef Makkah the customers can contact our team members. Most importantly they can find their way back to the hotel with the guidance. Teamwork helps in proper and smooth functioning of the tour of our pilgrims ( passengers ). Meanwhile both our teams are in continuous coordination. Similarly team members over there may be in the form of group leaders.

9. Pocket-Friendly Packages

Our Travel agency in Mumbai provides our customers with the best pocket-friendly packages of  Hajj Tours. Here we have packages for all classes of people & budgets. In addition, Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. holds a variety of packages for customers to choose from. In all the above-stated packages we provide the best services we can. We aim to give our pilgrims the utmost satisfaction and building a reputation with them. Providing different packages helps the customer to get a more clear picture of which types of products are being sold in this industry of Hajj, Umrah &  Ziyarat from which the customer can decide what will suit the customer’s budget and what facilities do they need if they are choosing a high package like Luxurious Umrah Package.

10. Registered Visa Agents

Bakhla Tours in Mumbai is a registered visa agent of many countries like Saudi Arabia, Umrah Visa etc. Dealing with a registered Visa agent is one of the most secure thing which a customer or traveller can ask for. As we are registered visa agents for the above listed countries our packages cost can be reduced compared to similar other companies dealing with the same packages in our niche, Certainly this is one of the reasons for Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. being one of the leading Travel Agencies in Mumbai. Pilgrims who chooses a customized umrah packages all across India they search for registered and trusted  visa agents to purchase an Umrah Visa from we solve that problem within a few minutes as we have a line of work all set up to just upload the details and the pilgrim’s visa is on their e – mail via us.

11. Trust & Safety

Your safety is our priority. Hence you can trust us in serving you with the best services. We are building trust from the last 3 decades among our pilgrims globally. So Travel with the best Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Therefore Trust & Safety is one of the important answer to Why Choose Us Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.