Here are few important points for the guidance and consideration of those fortunate people who are going to perform Hajj & Umrah this year.

1. What are the things to look for in a genuine travel agency / tour operator for Hajj, Umrah, Ziyarat ?

  • To check the genuinity of a tour operator one has to check and visit the physical location of their head office of the travel agency.
  • When a company has a physical location it will also have an online reputation on search engines like Google, for example a genuine website.
  • The traveler should check the number of staff members working in the corporate office that also shows a positive reputation.
  • There is no issue in consulting relatives or friends and ask them about the services which the travel agency provides to its pilgrims in different types of tours like Hajj, Umrah, Ziyarat.
  • Coming to the last but not the least point that is the price of the package which the travel company is quoting to its passenger, it should be equal cost effective and not under cost or very cheap. If it’s very cheap then you should come to know that there’s something fishy in it. The passenger should also calculate the overall package price according to his/her knowledge.
  • The travel agency should be registered with both the goverments India and Saudi Arabia and should have proper permit to take the tour of Umrah & Hajj.

2. How to compare rates and facilities of different umrah tour operators and travel agency?

  • Comparing rates is not the only thing for a customer to do before booking an umrah package for himself/herself.
  • If a passenger is comparing the rates of the package he/she should also compare the services which the tour operator is providing in the umrah tour. Is he giving a direct and a comfortable airlines flight to Jeddah and return from Madina ?
  • Is the travel agency providing a good hotel in both the religious cities Makkah & Madinah ? What will be category of the hotel i.e. how many star hotel is the tour operator providing ? What will be the distance from Masjid Al Haram Makkah & Masjid Al Haram Madinah ?
  • Private transfers are always costly, is the tour operator providing good transportation and Ziyarat facilities in Makkah & Madinah ?
  • Food is also a very important topic in the Umrah tour will the tour operator provide food from catering services or the food will be cooked in the kitchen and will be freshly prepared by the chefs for he passengers?
  • Laundry services is also a very big issue for the passenger as laundry services is not very cheap in foreign countries compared to India. Pilgrims should take a proper note of the tour operator offering complimentary laundry service to the pilgrim who is travelling.
  • These are some of the important things which the passengers should keep in mind while comparing the rates and the facilities of an umrah package of any travel company.

3. Why Hajj tour has a vast pricing difference than Umrah tour?

  • As Muslims brothers and sisters knows that the self-purification journey of hajj is performed only once a year and only a few and handful people from our friends and family get a chance to perform this journey.
  • Hajj includes many different types of rituals which are compulsory to perform by the pilgrim. These rituals ultimately increases the cost of the whole trip which has to be paid by the customer itself.
  • The expenses includes Mouallim costs, Mina, Arafat, etc. All the things which are at a normal price during the time of Umrah those things get doubled the price at the time of Hajj.
  • As Muslims from all around the world are ready to be present in the House of The Almighty Allah in Masjid Al Haram you definitely need to prepared that the cost might be higher than you expected.
  • Airline tickets also gets a chance to increase their profits during this time of the season as they also know that in Islam it is compulsory to perform Hajj once in a lifetime for a person.
  • Umrah visa is cheaper compared to Hajj visa.
  • The prices of the hotels during the season of Hajj is extremely high compared to the prices of hotels during the season of Umrah.

4. Will there be a tour guide with us on the Umrah, Hajj, Ziyarat tour?

  • A tour guide is very important on the tour of umrah. The tour is guide for guidance he might not be able to help you perform umrah or tawaaf as he will be having a group of people to handle all by himself.
  • Tour guide is most popularly known as a group leader. A group leader is a person who has the responsibility of handling the group as one no partiality. He is the in charge of arranging things for the hajis like hotel & food according to the package the pilgrim has bought.
  • Bakhla Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. provides a tour guide to the pilgrims for assistance and guidance of the pilgrims on Hajj Umrah and Ziyarat (hyperlink to the homepage) tours.
  • A group leader does not holds the responsibility of the package which the customer has chosen the passenger will get the services according to the package which has been selected.

5. What is the best airlines to travel from India to Saudi Arabia?

  • To travel to a foreign country with full comfort is very important as the passenger should also feel the comfort in travelling.
  • There are hundreds of options to choose from when flying to Saudi Arabia. The most popular options are Saudi Airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Indigo and many more.
  • Saudi Airlines is very popular and the best airline to travel to Saudi Arabia.
  • If the passenger is looking for a cost effective flight then he/she should opt for a via-flight as via flights are much cheaper than a direct flight. The larger the halt timing at an airport the cheaper the flight cost will be.