Fasting in the month of Ramadan is not only a sunnah but has excellent rewards too. All Muslims old or young fast during this holy month not only because it’s obligatory, but because everyone wants to earn great rewards by not missing a single chance in the month of great rewards. If an individual does any good deed during this month then the reward is multiplied 70 times. The reward of offering salah in Makkah at Masjid Al-Haram is one hundred thousand times. So when you go to Makkah on Ramadan Umrah Packages, your prizes are multiplied a whooping 70 hundred thousand times. Who in their right mind and financial stability would miss such a chance?

This auspicious journey not only leads to spiritual development but also personal development and improvement of health and wealth for all the people who embark on it. All those who perform this journey, which is not only food for your soul but your imaan too could opt for Cheap Ramadan umrah packages. An unforgettable and smooth sailing experience, all the while saving money.

As rightly stated by Ibn ‘Abbas (R.A), The Messenger of Allah, the Prophet Mohammed (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, “Umrah performed in the month of Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj.” If these reasons are still not enough then there are still more to tempt you. Below is a list of reasons that have been curated and compiled so that you know things better. The hearts that yearn for an Umrah during Ramadan know their gains this year.

Let’s discuss the benefits of Ramadan Umrah in detail. 

Purifying our soul:

It is the most considerable benefit of performing Ramadan Umrah. The constant feeling of thirst and hunger makes Muslims aware of the needs of the poor. It encourages good behaviour and eliminates pride and ego from within. A pure mind and soul which does good deeds and follows brotherhood is what makes Allah happy. It also helps us connect with the Almighty on a greater level, all the while connecting us with our humanity.

Attaining Peace:

Fasting a whole day and spending time reciting the Holy Quran, praying namaz and doing other religious acts, all the while gaining rewards promotes peace of mind and a feeling of contentment. The thought that we are so close to Allah (the Al-Mighty), who gave us such a beautiful chance to atone for our sins. Getting close to him is the best of all feelings that can come to mind.  

Improved Physical Health:

Ramadan fasting not only helps in soul refinement, but it also helps in the establishment of a strong bond with Allah (The Al-Mighty, The Most Loving and Caring). If the eating habits of an individual for Iftar and Suhoor are followed as per Islamic beliefs, then it not benefits spiritually but also the physical well-being of the person fasting. It is scientifically proven that Fasting is very beneficial. it promotes the blood sugar level in the human body by reducing insulin resistance, eliminating toxins and increasing metabolism and weight loss.

Not only limited to that it improves heart health, makes the brain more active and offers protection, against certain conditions like Cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. Avoid heavy meals and food with excess carbohydrates. Improve physical healthy and stay active for your religious rights performance. 

Gets rid of ego during Ramadan Umrah:

Knowing that all are one and equal in the eyes of Allah. When we sit for opening the fast in the Haram Shareef we all sit together and eat from what rizk we have been gifted. There are no superior, inferior, rich, or poor…… which reminds us that we are all creations of Allah and all are made of the earth. Just as the father of humanity Adam (A.S) as a result, we lose our ego. All we have is given by Allah and he gives whoever he wishes as much he wants. We learn to share what we have with others and that is what Allah loves and so also is the purpose of Zakat. 

Uniting Muslims of different races and colours:

We all stand for Salah together, people from all countries, colours, races and Maslak without any differentiation. With the same beliefs and regulations, when the entire Muslim community comes together for this religious act, it encourages the feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood. Strengthening Humanity in return. This month of blessings and virtues promotes sharing, kindness, and solidarity, which serves as a force unifying all Muslims. Once we get into the habit, this is how we love to continue back in our countries at our homes too.


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