Schools are closing and Summer vacations are at the doorstep. Like every year the question arises, Where to go for a vacation this year? Umrah Trip or Abroad. Everybody has their own opinion, but have you ever wondered if spending the same amount of money on an Umrah vacation tour could be more fruitful than just a normal vacation trip?

Standing near the Kaaba just a few feet away from you. The House of Allah is a place you face towards, your whole life for prayers. The Holy Spot is nothing short of beauty, you see it with mesmerised eyes and you can never get enough. There is no comparison to the beauty of The House of Allah. A sight, so beautiful that one feels that they can never stop fancying it and miss it badly after returning home too.

Umrah Tour is a holy pilgrimage which could be turned into a family vacation which not only cleanses your soul and your money, but also brings your family closer to Allah Subhanahu, and purifies your Iman to make you more punctual with your daily prayers and not want to miss them once you get into a habit of praying on time. If you have the means, then this is your sign to make your intention to perform Holy Spree when you can.

Motivating list of reasons:

Below have curated a list of reasons which could motivate you enough, to be attracted to go for an Umrah and Ziyarat tour this vacation.

You Are His Holy Guest And He Is Your Host

We are so pleased when a person of honour invites us to their home, then just imagine how lucky you are if you get a chance to visit Allah’s House. Only those people who are invited by Allah can visit his Holy House, and Allah himself is the Host to those Muslims who visit. What could be more honourable? 

All Of The Minor Sins Are Forgiven

If a Muslim brother or sister performs the Umrah ritual properly and repents of his/ her sins sincerely then Allah, The Al- Gaffar (The Great Forgiver) forgives all minor sins of that person. Also if a major sinner repents from a major sin He/ she has been performing, with the intention of never doing it again, Allah not only forgives the sin but also rewards the person for this act. 

Removes Poverty And Increases Wealth

There is Hadith that mentions that performing the Umrah pilgrimage is a way to get rid of your poverty, i.e Allah the Almighty, increases the Halal Rizq of a person performing the pilgrimage in return for the time and money they spend in pleasing their creator.

All Duas Are Accepted

The Holy Kabah is a place where you stand in front of and ask for a dua from Allah from your true heart and Allah grants them if they are Halal. Writing the names of your loved ones on the Gilaif Mubarak (cover) of the Holy Kabah, be it in gesture since reaching and touching is becoming difficult all the more day by day, Allah grants the person a chance to visit the Holy Land soon. 

Strengthens Iman

Praying in the Haram Shareef not only builds punctuality in prayers but also strengthens Iman and draws you so close to Allah that you never want to miss a prayer again.

Reminds That We Are All Equal And One Community

Are modern lifestyle and incomes has got us so habituated to thinking highly of ourselves. Once we start earning more than others we forget the humbleness that Islam taught us. When we go for an Umrah tour package and perform our pilgrimage with no discrimination in colour, cast or any other factor, we start to realise what Islam has been preaching to us!

Get An Immense Reward For Taking Elder Parents

Performing your religious journey with your elderly parents can be very challenging but it has its own rewards. A hadith by Hazrat Anas ibn Malik (RA) says that the Prophet Mohammed Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “If a young man honours an elderly person on account of his age, Allah ( The Most Gracious) appoints someone to honour him in his old age”. (At- Tirmidhi) Then imagine the rewards one would gain from assisting their elderly parents.

Drink All The ZamZam Water You Want

ZamZam water is such that a person can never say “I have quenched my thirst for it”. No matter how much you drink you want more and nobody stops you from drinking it as much as you want in the Holy destinations.

I pray that everyone gets to perform Umrah at least once in their lifetime. Visit our link for Cheap and Best Umrah Packages and avail of great deals and offers.