Umrah Tours is a journey which is very special to all Muslims and holds excellent benefits. It is more affordable than Hajj for those who have finished their Fardth and wish to keep re-visiting the Holy Sights. Millions of people visit the holy cities every year. Some go frequently to Umrah and know a lot about the local places and for some, it’s a very new experience altogether. The ones who visit frequently, easily know their way around, but the ones who are new often get stuck. 

It is the very nature of man to collect souvenirs to take back home as a memory of the place they have visited. Then there are those gifts that everyone wants to take back to their home country to distribute amongst their relatives and friends. It becomes a task if it’s your first time for Umrah or you are not very well versed with the places around and desire to purchase those gifts or other things from Saudi itself.

Shopping Locations

Below have sorted out common shopping difficulties for Hajj and Umrah new visitors:

  • Dates– Most Pilgrims buy their dates from either Makkah or Madina. Indeed there are no dates as good as the ones available here since it is the original land of dates. But before you buy them, make sure that you take your dates from a quality shop and don’t forget to ask how old they are, i.e. their production date. It is not necessary that only the showroom have good quality products, they can be brought from a local decent shop too. Taste a date with permission of the seller to determine if their quality is up to the mark since after all they are traders too and want to sell their products. 
  • Zamzam– The new people think that Zamzam water is available in Masjid al-Haram only, but this is not true. It is also available in Masjid Al-Nabvi. Pilgrims can purchase their Zamzam bottles to bring back home from any of these places. Earlier larger bottles of 10 litres were allowed to pilgrims for carrying back home but for reasons, it has been discontinued. Now, only 5 litres of Zamzam bottles are allowed. The Holy water can also be purchased at Jeddah airport. All you have to do is show your passport and purchase it, but only one 5-litre bottle is allowed per passport. All good tour operators gift a Zamzam bottle to their Hajjis on return too! 
  • Electronics– Some people are fond of purchasing electronics from foreign countries. Mostly for the reason that they are more cheaper than home town or at times latest models which have not been releases in home town are available abroad. Make sure to take care of the below mentioned precautions before you purchase any electronics: 
  • Check for the IMEI number of the device online.
  • Take a stamped and official invoice bill, otherwise this will create a problem later.
  • Dont forget to check if International guarantees for the product is available. Otherwise it will be a task in the non-purchase country.
  • Bin Dawood– People can shop for almost anything from Bin Dawood. It is a shopping centre in Makkah with multiple varieties in everything. One branch is situated under the Clock Tower buildings and another branch is on the right side of the Clock buildings. It has almost everything available and in good quality. So running around different places and disturbing your Umrah Tour Pilgrimage is not required. People can buy quality items not limited to food, cosmetics, chocolates, toys and many other things here. Don’t forget to try their chocolate brand ice-creams, they are just amazing.
  • Safa Mall and Hilton Towers– It is near Haram Shareef and is reasonably priced. Hilton Tower near Haram Shereef in Makkah, though expensive has exclusive varieties which you won’t be able to find in any local shops. The Abaya shops are also just amazing here.
  • Bangalipura– In this market you will get amazing carpets, Janamaz (Prayer Mat), Tasbih, etc at wholesale rates. 
  • Aziziya– The Bin Dawood in Aziziya is bigger and better if you plan to visit Aziziya for shopping or stay there during Hajj or Umrah. You can also go to Top 10 and 10 city at Sare mansoor by cab, who will charge you around 12 riyals for transportation. There is Bavaris mall and other malls in the close vicinity of Aziziya too. Shopping malls in Makkah for kids clothing is great and very reasonable.
  • Madina– If you are amongst those who do their shopping from Madina Shareef thinking Madina is cheaper than Makkah, then no problem we have a few tip for you too. In Madina, Taiba shopping center near Haram Shareef is the main shopping center. 
  • Mazaya Mall and Top 10 are two another good malls at walking distance of Haram Shareef.
  • Khajoor (Dates) Market opposite Bilal masjid – It is well known for dates and also there is a mall named Markaz Bilal Mall next to the Masjid for all types of shopping articles.
  • Jeddah– Well we discussed shopping in Makkah Shareef and Madine Shareef but how can we forget Jeddah? When it comes to shopping Jeddah has its own place especially for Abayas. The Balad market is not available in Jeddah anymore, but there is an Abaya market in the Bavadi area of Jeddah that Hajjis can visit. Queens Mall in the Balad area also has a great variety. And when hunger troubles you after so much shopping and travelling, you can go to Al-Baik Chicken for their yummy Broast chicken and rolls in their Jeddah Branch.

Extra tip:

  • There are many malls in the Utabia area for shopping available too. It is just like the Lokhandwala area of Mumbai. You will get good quality stuff at reasonable prices here.
  • (Nowadays, there are many shopping malls with big brands and supermarkets in Madina Shareef and Makkah Shareef with the best facilities and products at reasonable prices.)

There are these shopping tips and am sure you will get plenty more from your family and friends, but be careful not to get carried away by shopping too much during your Hajj and Umrah tours. Human nafs is enough to divert us from the cause of prayers. Remember you have not come for shopping in the holy cities but to get close to Allah the Al-mighty, to please him, to get rid of your sins and their habits. Our whole purpose in this world is to pass the test and attain Jannah and not the world. Have a safe and memorable trip and visit the below-mentioned link for the best prices and deals at the time of booking:

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