Umrah is an invitation extended from Allah Sweet to a Muslim. It is the greatest of gifts one can receive from Allah, the Almighty. It is one of the most precious, memorable, and close-to-the-heart journeys for a person with faith. This is why you must organize it to fit around your own needs, the comfort of prayers, and preferences so that you won’t regret it later. 15 Days Umrah Packages from Mumbai is a chance to purify your soul and mind and get close to Allah, especially if you are a busy or a working person. So make sure you get the best of it while you can!

One of the most common questions that run through a person’s mind is whether to travel alone or in group tour packages. It could be that your family and friends are not in a position to go with you or you don’t want to wait any longer, but at the same time, you wouldn’t want your family to miss such a golden opportunity. Or  You may feel that you want to immerse yourself in the religious pilgrimage and carry out your prayers with 100% focus and it will greatly enrich your life, Or you maybe are just too tired of a hectic lifestyle and need to connect with Allah all alone. Well, the good news is that we have an Umrah package to suit all your needs, including a choice of Individual Umrah or Umrah in a group.

If you are considering this pilgrimage, as countless Muslims do, then one of the most important questions you may have is the timing of your pilgrimage. Not just in terms of your age and current life circumstances, but also the best time of year to travel for this holy expedition. This is not something you can take lightly and involves a great deal of preparation. So, it can’t be a spontaneous or a last-minute arrangement. For some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they spend years, not just months, getting the arrangements and their state of mind perfectly aligned.

So, you’ve booked your packages for Umrah and you are about to head out on your spiritual journey.

Here’s some useful advice to bear in mind for Umrah Packages from Mumbai:

For many Muslims, the Umrah experience they go on will be their first. It is preferable for those who are not ready for their first Hajj and feel overwhelmed to know what it feels like. It is also an excellent chance to get ready by experiencing the holy mosques and getting inspired and motivated to revisit these holy places soon as they are the most beautiful and peaceful places for the heart, mind, body, and soul. However, it still requires lots of preparation and planning. Listed below are some do’s and don’ts for those experiencing Umrah for the first time.

Do: Bring Books

The Quran is the most important Book of Hidaya (guidance), to have with you when you travel to Umrah, it would be best to carry a Quran with translation or transliteration with you. What better place to understand Quran than the house of Allah? But it can be very helpful and interesting to have other books with you too that can enlighten you with regards to Umrah and guidance for its rituals. So that you have support all the time even if you forget what prayer to do where. Many books on Hajj contain chapters dedicated to Umrah and this can be a good reference source.

Carry other books such as The Life of The holy Prophet Mohammed (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Salam), The History of Islam or Islamic Philosophy, Hadith books, and any other Islamic book you have always wanted to read or understand. Not only will they enrich the spiritual experience you have when you are there, but they can also help while waiting for so many hours in the airports while traveling, or while waiting in hotel lobbies for companions. Especially when you plan for a 15 days Umrah Package, where you have less time in hand.

Don’t: Shout, Litter, or Behave Anti-Socially.

Umrah is a holy time for everyone and all like to perform it peacefully. Even when you are inside the Haram Shareef or taking part in the Umrah rites, make sure you don’t disturb others by reading aloud, clicking pictures, talking on the phone other than necessary, gossiping with others around you, or littering the place you sit in. Everyone comes there for worship and wants this time to be peaceful. For some people, particularly the old or young, this may be the only time they get the chance to make the pilgrimage, and they should not have it spoiled by thoughtless behaviour. It is important to obey the rules and customs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to behave with the respect and love our dear Prophet Mohammed (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) showed us.

Do: Plan Where to Pray

While it can be exciting and awe-inspiring to be as close as you can to a holy site such as the House of Allah or the Mosque of Prophet Mohammed (Sallallahu Alihi Wa Sallam), you will see most of the places you will visit have plenty of room to accommodate millions of Hajjis who visit them. For the greatest comfort, pick a spot more out of the way once you have viewed the site. It is more comfortable for you and allows others to see the site too without disturbance and fuss 

So you are all set to leave. Before you leave for your journey, learn everything you can about it. If you are considering an Umrah pilgrimage, there are certain things you may want to take into account to make this the best possible experience, keep in mind some important rules too, like:

Be sure that you are familiar with the rules of Ihram before you leave for Umrah Packages from Mumbai:

Take time to remind yourself of the religious observations and rituals you will need to follow. This can extend to the soap you use and how you dress, of course. So it is recommended that you make sure that all the details are clear in your mind.

Barber Hygiene:

  • When Umrah has finished, it is traditional for both men and women to cut their hair. Men should have their hair shaved completely, but the blade used by your barber must be brand new and should be disposed of afterwards.
  • Women should wait until they return to their hotel. Here you can remove your hijab in privacy and cut your hair.

Visiting the Rawdah:

The best time to visit the Rawdah in Madinah is in the evening. Although you can pray here at any time, it tends to be much busier during the daytime. A few hours after isha or a few hours before fajr, it’s much quieter and less packed, so you will be able to enjoy some peaceful reflection and prayer time.

Visiting the Sacred Sites in Madinah:

Places such as Masjid-e-Quba and Mount Uhud are sites in Madinah that many travelers try to visit as part of Umrah. The best time to do so is between sunrise and Dhuhr prayer when it is quiet.

Plan Carefully:

Emotionally, you may have a strong desire to carry out an individual ritual to reaffirm your faith, but it is a good idea to take time to create a feasible plan. Choose a time for your Umrah when you will be most calm and ready.

During your preparation time, learn as much as you can about how to perform the rituals and the ways you can make this journey as personally fulfilling as possible. There are even YouTube videos, tutorials, and phone apps to help you with this.

During your research, choose an Umrah package that includes all the travel and accommodation needs you have, seamlessly. It should be an Umrah package that gives you no reason for stress or distraction during your pilgrimage.

Consider Companions:

For many people, the best way to make the most of Umrah is to travel with companions of a like mind. Companions can enrich the experience greatly and also be of great help when stuck in a situation or need guidance, plus shared stories of your pilgrimage can be enjoyed on your return to India with a lifelong friendship for many.

There are Umrah packages that cater especially to large groups or families. Finding the right Umrah package for your particular group can ensure that you have the right level of assistance that you all need and want.

Don’t Let Age Be an Issue:

There is no reason to be concerned that you are either too young or too old for Umrah. When you arrive, you will see for yourself what an amazing, exclusive experience it is, as all ages blend together well. When booking an Umrah package, find a length of stay and accommodation that may be most appropriate for your age group.

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