There can be no travel Package as fulfilling as a Hajj or an Umrah Package from India. For Muslims, they hold great value. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Every year, a large number of congregations of Muslims perform this holy pilgrimage and get the golden opportunity to become guests of Allah Subhanahu. Anyone with the means to do so would love to visit the House of the Almighty and refresh their faith and strengthen their bond with the one and only Allah. There is none other worthy of worship other than him, and Lucky is the one who can gain closeness and connect with him. It would be the best thing that could happen to any Muslim.

An average Umrah can cost from 99,000 INR to 250,000 INR depending on the amenities and the season you choose, e.g., Hotel star, meals, person per room, transportation, etc. The cost of a Tour from India is determined by a variety of factors. Everyone has to look into their resources before booking a tour; the larger the budget, the easier and more lavish the travel. For instance, when you book an expensive Package, the Hotel provided is very near the Haram Shareef or just next door, contrary to the low-budget package, since to pull down the pricing, the hotels have to be booked at a certain walkable distance from the Haram Shareef.

The Cheap Umrah Packages 2023  also have a lot of amenities, which are enough to have a comfortable pilgrimage with a Family. A few of the amenities have to be cut short, but the quality of these amenities is also unmatched when you book with a reputed Tour Operator.

Choose from a variety of Umrah Package categories: 

  • 7-day Umrah package
  • 15-day Umrah tour
  • One-month Cheap Umrah Package
  • Deluxe Umrah Package
  • Super Deluxe Umrah Package, etc.

Every year there are changes in the rules and regulations by the Saudi Govt. which lead to an increase in pricing and changes in other factors. If we compare previous years, we can see the difference for ourselves. So make sure to fulfil your wish for this small pilgrimage as soon as you have planned, since your wait might cost you higher prices.

There are a number of Factors that determine the cost of your tour:

There are a number of suggestions that can be considered during booking. Below is a list carefully curated to help you:

  1. Travel Agency: There are a number of experienced and reputed Tour Operators in the market who are recognised by both the Indian and Saudi Govt. Make sure to book with an Experienced Travel Agency since they are well-versed in the field. With their year-over-year experience, they learn a lot, make a lot of updates to their packages, and have a lot of tips and tricks up their sleeve to make smart deals and save a lot of money with bulk bookings.
  2. Tour Package: Make sure to select your tour package smartly. There are multiple choices available when you make an inquiry. These firms also have specialized consultants who will explain multiple packages and give you various options according to your budget. So understand your options and choose your package wisely, as there are a lot of amenities required in our package to make a successful trip, especially when travelling with family or old parents.
  3. Hotel Stars and Amenities: When choosing your package, the higher the stars and the closer the proximity you choose to the Haram Shareef, and the more amenities you choose, e.g., unlimited laundry, private transport, etc the more expensive your package will be.

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